Spark a movement

With a vision to excel and a mission to make reach innovative technology to everyone, Nushh is a consumer electronics brand with a wide variety of consumer electronics products, ranging from earphones to portable speakers to mini projectors. We at Nushh believe that quality, innovation and value go hand in hand, which is why we focus on creative technology with an eye for design. Our aim is to introduce entirely new possibilities in premium and state of the art consumer technology by connecting people and products. We seek to pursue excellence through our passion for doing things better, in order to reach our fullest potential. Success lies in exploring new ideas and looking beyond conventional boundaries, combined with hard work and perseverance in the right direction. This is where our team comes in – a team of passionate engineers, marketers and dreamers. We work together to create one-of-a-kind products with intuitive and responsive designs, through continuous innovation and application of cutting-edge technology, keeping in mind customer’s interests and value for money.

Nushh is also applying its knowledge through effective research and development to solve challenges in new areas, through which it is possible to constantly evolve and improve our work, and gain better insight. This way we can ensure that our products will always cater to the needs of the customers and ascertain which facets and characteristics receive most interest from them. At Nushh, we closely watch the consumer electronics market and make precise decisions regarding the types and categories of products that people need the most in their everyday life. The 21st century being all about ease of access, simplicity and user friendliness, we have made this our motto and have taken it in our stride to do our best in this direction, imbibing these factors in our production strategy and firmly placing them as ideals in our company policy.

Futuristically, we have set big goals for ourselves, keeping in mind the scope for expansion as well as differentiation in this field and the vast possibilities that lay ahead if one can envisage an idea that is promising in concept as well as practicality. All in all, the Nushh promise is to provide premium quality at unbeatable prices and excellent service.