Nushh is young Brand scaling at rapid speed in middle east, India and US market to bring us together by offering performance and value together.

Our Product ranges from wireless speaker, wireless headphone, earphone, mobile accessories and smart projectors. Each product offers unique value to us based on latest feature and benefits they bring and empower us to have more fun, be more productive and enjoy our life.

At Nushh, we believe tech products, when used with our smartphones can bring incredible value to us. Nushh Wireless speaker used with smartphone brings awesome music to our lives for partying or relaxation. Nushh Wireless projector can used for business presentation, Education or Personal entertainment at our convenience. With the advent of cutting-edge technology in recent years, innovation have become key in the constantly evolving market. That's why Nushh has taken it in its stride to introduce products that consumers can experience making smartphone smarter and enriching our lives. Its done by crafting an ideal combination of innovation, creativity and technology to assess consumer needs.

We at Nushh believe that technology enriches our life and equips us better. We have applied our knowledge in technology, market analysis and trends to introduce tech-savvy and consumer-friendly products. At Nushh we don't stagnate, in this fast-paced world of consumer technology where the frequency of breakthroughs is high and possibilities are infinite. Nushh products embodies these firm ideals, and fills the gap in the market to make people's life simpler and fun, to let your gadget seamlessly fit your lifestyle.

Nushh team, comprising of passionate engineers, researchers and marketing experts, work together with a collective aim of giving a wider choice to today's consumer. It keeps variety and value in mind to secure a place in our customers' hearts. Our daily inspiration lies in providing an unparalleled experience through Nushh products.

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Tanushh Electronics
15 A Al Manara Street,
Al Quoz, Dubai 
PO Box – 454369

 Nushh is a consumer electronics brand specializing in a variety of consumer electronic products, ranging from earphones and portable speakers to mini projectors and action cameras

    We bring future to present by introducing new technology features in our products and giving wider choice to todays consumer looking for latest product and value at same time.
      We are located in Dubai and Shenzhen currently.