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In today’s world of fast-paced technological advancements and ever-widening scope of technology, it’s almost as though innovators and scientists have a way of getting to a new product or innovation the moment a thought or idea is born in the head of a user. Both, as consumers of technology, as well as the creative minds behind it’s fabrication,  one needs to constantly be on the lookout for newer, easier and simpler ways of doing the same things.

For this is what technology is all about, isn’t it? Where humans rode on horse or bullock-driven carts before, we race in Bugattis now. Where our forefathers once cooked their daily morsel on firewood before, we have gas stoves and induction cooktops to help us fix a meal. Similarly, it is quite simply ideas which make our daily lives easier, that turn out to be the most impactful among the tonnes of unbelievably sophisticated machines and instruments that we are now capable of thinking of and creating today. And this brings us to the task at hand.

Welcome to Nushh, where dreams turn into reality. Where ideas turn to innovation, and creativity joins brilliance to create magic. Nushh is a Dubai-based consumer electronics company specializing on a wide range of smart-phone based electronics products, such as speakers, headphones, earphones, charging cables, car chargers, power banks, mini projectors, etc. In a market that is so full of organizations looking to make it big in the awe-inspiring but cut-throat market that is consumer electronics, what sets us apart is our quest to introduce products with a bit of a twist, an addition, a bonus, a “special something” that no one else can.

Quite simply put, we bear our flag on those peaks where others find it hard to scale. But why, you ask? Well, as we mentioned before, the electronics market is fairly crowded with too many similar products at different price points, made of slightly different materials, with slightly different specifications.. B-O-R-I-N-G! We don’t just create varieties, we find NEW! The kind of products we are aiming to reach to your tech-hungry hands, are ones that will have you look at and say, “Hey, this product can do THAT? Now that’s new!” This has been our motto as much as it has been our inspiration throughout our journey.

There is no point to technology if it can’t do new things while at the same time making things simpler. And the chase for newer techniques is always on, while at the same time maintaining what is still marketable and feasible. So take our hand, and step with us into a world of innovation and creativity never seen or experienced before.

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