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Everyone loves music.

Be it rock, pop, rap, country or whatever genre sounds best to your ears, everyone has a favourite song, a favourite line, a favourite tune that they hum to themselves when alone, or sing aloud when with friends.. And with each song comes a distinct memory, a fond remembrance of a long-gone incident that we could never relive, but can always recollect from the amazing treasure trove that is our memories.

This must be why, just as dear to us as our music, is the device through which we listen to it. Be it our portable Bluetooth speakers or even just our good ol’ pair of earphones, we always have them on us and we're always looking for new ways to get our music to sound better.

This is where Nushh’s audio range comes in.

Leading the trio is Nushh Move, a classic pair of headphones which will connect to your smart phone or any other Bluetooth enabled device, and seamlessly play music from the device through their high-quality drivers to deliver your music the way it was designed. Complete with inline controls, phone call answer/reject options, phone call transfer feature, and the ability to connect two devices simultaneously, these are a pair of headphones to swear by for a holistic musical experience, be it in terms of sound quality, comfort, or overall look and feel. For more info, visit us at:

Nushh Move is closely followed by the premium Nushh Go Three-sound dual driver earphones which will blow any audiophile’s mind. These earphones are the new cool kid on the block, with all the never-seen-before gadgets and go-getter attitude. These earphones already kill the game with their dual driver technology, and to top it off and place the metaphorical cherry on top of the cake, these babies also come with three sets of interchangeable equalisers: one each for rock, jazz, and classic.  This means that, with your already boosted sound quality, you even get to choose which aspect you want to highlight. They’re easily replaceable, which means you don’t have to struggle with them each time you need to replace one cap with another. For more information on this rockstar of a earphone, log on to:

Next up is our Nushh Go Bluetooth sports earphones, which comes with a promise of sound quality that won’t let you down, combined with a practical design that will support your active lifestyle and passion for sport. It comes with 3 pairs of snugly fitting ear buds along with wing tips which will grip your ear and prevent them from falling off when you are up and about. With Bluetooth connectivity in the latest version, you can be assured that there are minimal losses and delays in transmission. Read more about this product at:

All in all, our audio range of products are a class apart in sound quality, comfort and overall user experience. Nushh is the way to go for an audio experience worth remembering for a lifetime.

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