6 Reasons Why You Should Own A Nushh Projector

Rewind to the times when the first movies were released.

Going to the cinema was a big deal back then, and people flocked to see the realisation of the unimaginable – the motion picture. These movies were projected onto a screen from primitive projectors, and lacked the clarity and quality of present day cinema.

Projectors have evolved a lot since then, and currently, projectors are far more advanced, with much better resolution, features and capability. And in keeping with the trend, we have also witnessed the shrinking size of projectors with time. The most recent and most practical application, though, is the brand-new but fast-selling pocket projector.

We at Nushh have honoured our promise, to always provide the best of technology with the best of design at the best possible price. And this is what we have done once again. Presenting the Nushh Project Portable Smart Projector!


1) Android OS

Accessing your apps is now super-easy, simply operate your Nushh Projector the way you would an android smartphone! 


2) Connectivity

WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity so that you have all you need right there in your pocket. Whether you need to play a movie from your USB drive, or connect to your laptop via HDMI, or just browse files from your memory card!


3) Ports 

Whether you need to play a movie from your USB drive, or connect to your laptop via HDMI, or just browse files from your memory card, Nushh Project has it all.


4) Wireless

With a 5000mAh rechargeable battery giving you 3 hours of continuous playtime, you can watch a complete movie on one single charge.


5) Phone Mirroring

Nushh Project even supports Airplay and Miracast, so that you can mirror your phone onto the projector screen.  A 32GB internal memory allows you to store data, along with a provision to extend that further by 32GB through external memory.


6) Holistic experience

With a maximum screen size of 100inches and a brightness of 150lumens, combined with a 1080p (HD) resolution, combined with inbuilt speakers to support the visual experience, you are sure to have a superior and holistic experience from just one device. With a guaranteed lamp life of 20,000 hours, you can be sure that its life doesn’t dim too soon. And just in case you need to plug in your speakers, this projector does have a 3.5mm input as well.


In short, the Nushh Project is built to be not just a projector, but your portable cinema theatre, business presentation assistant, gaming partner and lots more, all in one compact package.

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