Nushh Move - Your perfect travel companion

Music has always been a part of our lifestyle, whether it be in a social setting or just personal taste. It is, in many scenarios, infectious, and people can seldom resist tapping their feet to some good beats or humming along to a catchy tune. With the advent of technology, people have become more and more interested in taking their music along with them wherever they go, and portable speakers have become a need of the hour. Bluetooth speakers have become a necessity, and music lovers are constantly on the lookout for better and better features to make their music experience one that is well worthwhile. This is where the Nushh Portable, our very own Bluetooth speaker, comes into the...

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6 Reasons Why You Should Own A Nushh Projector

Rewind to the times when the first movies were released. Going to the cinema was a big deal back then, and people flocked to see the realisation of the unimaginable – the motion picture. These movies were projected onto a screen from primitive projectors, and lacked the clarity and quality of present day cinema. Projectors have evolved a lot since then, and currently, projectors are far more advanced, with much better resolution, features and capability. And in keeping with the trend, we have also witnessed the shrinking size of projectors with time. The most recent and most practical application, though, is the brand-new but fast-selling pocket projector. We at Nushh have honoured our promise, to always provide the best of...

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Projector Tips and Tricks

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the world of Nushh. This Blog will guide you through the process of mirroring your Phone (Android and IOS) and Downloading an App so as to use your Phone as a Remote for the Projector. Click Here to Mirror Android Device (With/ Click Here to Mirror Apple Device (When Projector and iOS Device Not Connected to Same Wifi Network) Click Here to USE your Phone as a Remote.   Happy Nushh-ing !

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Power Up, Nushh On!

It is one thing to be constantly plugged in to your devices and tuned in to your social media updates 24x7, while it is quite a different story to be charged up and ready to go in every situation so that you do not find yourself in a situation where you have to press the pause button on your life when you device runs out of power..

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Our audio range

Everyone loves music.

Be it rock, pop, rap, country or whatever genre sounds best to your ears, everyone has a favourite song, a favourite line, a favourite tune that they hum to themselves when alone, or sing aloud when with friends..

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